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Treescape Fingerless Mittens

July 26, 2011

We’ve been traveling a lot lately and I’ve taken full advantage of the plane and car time to knit.  I started these fingerless mittens for one of my nieces on the plane out to Portland, Oregon and I worked on them every time we were in the car out there and driving up to Seattle.  I absolutely love these mittens and it may be very hard to part with them!

The pattern is Jenn Wisbeck’s “Treescape” Mittens and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why there isn’t  anyone on Ravelry who has knit them!  What’s up with that?  They are so adorable and fun to knit.  The only problem in my knitting them was that, although the pattern photos of the mittens show a light background and dark motif color, and that’s what I knitted, the actual pattern chart is a dark background and light motif.  This was confusing and I constantly had to tink back if I wasn’t paying close attention.  I always had to remember that the white squares were the dark color.  Anyone have a solution for that?  I wish I could have copied the chart someway and reversed the lights and darks.

I knit them up with Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light, one of my favorite yarns.  It’s so soft and warm, with the alpaca added to the wool. I used a #2 circular needle, using my favorite Magic Loop method.  I know my niece will love them when I give them to her at Christmas.

Pattern:  Treescape
Needles:  #2, circular needle, Addi Lace
Yarn:  Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light in Star Sapphire & Winter White
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Stockholm Scarf

July 21, 2011

I’ve been doing all this Christmas knitting for next year, but I couldn’t help myself when I purchased some Madelintosh yarn. I just had to start this project for me. I’ve had Julie’s Stockholm Scarf in my Ravely queue for a while now and I thought the Madelintosh was perfect for it.

This pattern was fun to knit – there’s just enough variety of stitches to keep you interested yet you can still watch a movie while you knit. There’s lot of yarn overs and pssos, which create a lofty, super nice scarf.  And the Madelintosh is such a gorgeous, soft yarn it was a pleasure to work with.

This is  really a cowl, which is long enough to double nicely around your neck.  I made mine about 15″ wide and used almost all of the Madelintosh.

Now if we can just get rid of this heat wave we’ve been having!

Pattern:  Stockholm Scarf
Needles:  US # 10, 40″ circular Addi Turbos
Yarn:  Madelintosh dk in Moorland
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