Finding the Time to Knit

January 5, 2014


I’ve knit for 24 years now and in that time, I’ve been a very busy person.  I’ve raised three children, worked full time, worked part time, and then finally stayed at home and now I write a food blog. But in all that time, I’ve always found time to knit. Always.  And when people see my knitting projects, the one remark they always make is, “Gee, I wish I had time to knit”.  But they do.  They just don’t know it.


Here is a photo of me 23 years ago with my second child, Nick, the day I am leaving the hospital.  Note the item on the bed as I am waiting to go home.  My knitting bag.  Yes, I knit in the hospital after having him.  I always take my knitting bag with me if I think I might get the chance to get in a few rows.  That is how you get a project done.  It may take a while, but you get it done.

I think the biggest problem with people thinking that they don’t have time to knit is that they think they have to have an actual block of time to just sit down and knit. Well, I can tell you that I almost never do that.  I knit when I’m watching TV or a movie, when I’m riding in the car, when I’m on a plane or maybe when I’m sitting and chatting with someone. I almost never sit down and just knit.  I might listen to an audiobook as I knit or talk on the phone. I take my knitting sometimes if I know I’m going to be waiting in the doctor’s office.  If you watch TV in the evening and knit for just 20 minutes every night while you watch, you will get something done.


I usually have two projects going at the same time – one that maybe is a little more complicated, that requires me to follow a chart and so demands that I have to focus a little and a second project that is just “idiot” knitting and doesn’t require that I follow a pattern.  Then I can decide which one I can work on in any situation.


I hope for 2014 you will be inspired and start a project with the commitment that you are going to pick it up whenever you can.  I have my knitting sitting in a basket on the sofa so that it’s very accessible.  I have a knitting bag that I can just throw it into and take it with me if I need to.

Also, if you haven’t joined Ravelry yet, do so right away.  It’s a community of knitters worldwide who share projects, thoughts and tips about knitting.  It’s a constant source of inspiration for me and might be for you, too.  Reading good knitting blogs like Yarn Harlot and Little Cotton Rabbits helps, too.

Now go forth and knit!



  1. bravo splendide tous mes voeux pour vous4 biz

  2. the colour ways and project in your knitting bowl are very impressive
    … as a newer knitter and new to your “blogs” I will be heading to your knitting archives in the hopes of finding out more about the project … living with an angxiety disorder and knitting for it’s therapeitic calming I am always on the look out for instruction on what you would probably call “idiot” knitting … the square (?) in question might be an answer and allow me to do what I do best …trolling Ravelery yarn stashes for beautiful yarn in small quantities
    that I can sneak into my budget … lol …be well and thank you for your beautiful and informative blogs …t.

    • Thomas: The knitting I show in that basket is a project that I am currently working on and will be posting in the future, so watch for it!

  3. I agree completely. One stitch at a time and numerous projects result. Love your colorwork.

  4. Where do I find the pattern for your amazing gloves or mitts. ???

    • I usually have a link to the pattern at the bottom of each post, if you go back through my older posts. If you have a Ravelry page, you can see them all there, also.

  5. I’m with you..my knitting goes with me everywhere!!! I can’t just sit and watch tv, I have to knit. My husband plays drums in a band (jazz and blues) and I’m always knitting…In the car, I make my husband drive so I can get some knitting in..always with me!

  6. I went to view your current project and saw this article. my life has been quite crazy the last two years and reading this made me realize I need to start taking my knitting with me again, it is true, a couple a rows when you can gets a project done. I let myself get away from knitting and thanks for making me realize I need to get back to it and my love of it. I am a basic knitter, but love it. the shawl looks beautiful. I wish I could try.

    • Jennie: So glad my post might have inspired you! Just 10 or 15 minutes a day can be productive. You are a beginner knitter now, but keep on knitting and challenging yourself – the internet makes it so easy to learn new skills now, like lace knitting. Happy Knitting!

  7. Muy lindo los tejidos y puntos, saludos desde Chile

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