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Crochet Squares

April 25, 2013


Are you on Pinterest?  I love Pinterest. I get so many great ideas from that site. Being a knitter, I love all the gorgeous knitting photos there.  But one photo recently caught my eye .  It was  photo of a crocheted throw, all in grey.  It looked like it was made up of a bunch of crocheted squares.  I wanted to make a throw like that.

crochet blanket

Problem is, I’m not a crocheter.  I crocheted a Granny Stripes afghan this past year, but it was a no brainer.  There was no pattern and you just did the same stitch over and over.  So in order to make this new throw, I was going to have to learn crochet and learn how to read a crochet pattern.  So that is what I’ve been doing these past few weeks.  Because of all the great tutorials on the internet, it was pretty easy.

Then I had to pick out a yarn.  I only knit with wool, never cotton or acrylic or anything.  I did a test square out of wool and it looked like this:


I wasn’t happy with the stitch definition.  The photo that I saw in Pinterest looked like it might have been made from cotton or blend, something heavier.  I bought a skein of Cascade Pima Cotton and did another test square.  It was just right – the cotton really shows the stitches well and it had the feel I wanted.

photo 1


Flower Burst Crochet Square #3 from Chris Simon  (above)


This is a square I cobbled together from two patterns

I decided to add just a little bit of color to some of the squares, although most of them will be grey.  I cobbled together parts of two different crochet squares to come up with one that I like.

I’m having a blast crocheting – it’s so easy, goes so fast and it’s way easier than knitting to rip back and fix something. So I’m going to be knitting a bunch of crochet squares in the coming months.  When I get them all done and crocheted together, I’ll post the photos.

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