Super Stretchy, Super Easy Sewn Bind Off

March 25, 2012

When I posted about my finished Guernsey Wrap, I said that I would write about the sewn bind off that I did to finish it.  Jared recommended a stretchy bind off in the pattern and so I did Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off.  I think it’s my favorite yet.  It’s not only easy to execute but it has a nice finished look to it and is super stretchy.  Here is how it’s done:

Cut your yarn to a length about 3 times as long as the knitting and thread it onto a needle.  Insert the needle into the first two stitches, purlwise . . .

. . . and draw it through

insert the needle into the first stitch on the knitting needle as if to knit, draw the yarn through and . . .

. . . slip the stitch off


This creates a super stretchy bind off that actually resembles your long tail cast on.  My new favorite.



  1. Great – can’t wait to try this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. […] Or more like cast off. I found this super awesome blog about a stretchy cast off. You can see it HERE. […]

  3. […] usando uma técnica de remate que produza uma margem elástica (por exemplo esta). Rematar as pontas de fio […]

  4. Have you heard of Jennys surprisingly stretchy bind off otherwise known as the jssbo. You can see it on you too, planet purl or knitty.com I think it’s great I just tried it on a pair of socks.

  5. I love this shawl. Right now I am restricted by my husband in buying any more patterns. I can get all the free ones. Buy no buying. He thinks I have too many. Go figure! If he only knew all my hiding spots. So now i just loving look at this breathtakingly beautiful shawl. Jodi

    • I am so much like you in this regard. I have lots and lots of patterns. I have even given some away to friends. Somehow I just can’t say no to a new pattern.

  6. This reminds me of a Kitchener stitch but with just one needle

  7. This is very nice, I love it!

  8. […] bind off using tapestry needle bind off: https://italiandishknits.com/2012/03/25/super-stretchy-super-easy-sewn-bind-off/ […]

  9. Perfect! Love this bind off! Thanks for your wonderful instructions. 🙂

  10. […] favorite stretchy bind off is this simple one that uses a tapestry needle from Elizabeth Zimmerman.  But this bind off would not work with my […]

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