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My Christmas Knitting is Finished!

November 27, 2011

17 projects. 8 months. I’ve been working every spare minute on this enormous project and I’m finally done – I knitted the last lining for the last hat on Thanksgiving weekend.  I knitted everyone in my family a different project – I did not repeat a pattern.  That wasn’t easy, because I had so many favorites.  But to be honest, in that same time frame I knitted 13 other projects for me or as gifts for someone else.  So I was busy.  Very busy. That’s 30 projects in 8 months.

I also sewed a tag into every item I made.  I got these tags from Mountain Street Arts on Etsy. I dislike almost all of the labels you can buy to sew into handmade items and these were the only tags I found that I liked a lot.

There are seven hats, all lined!

None of the hat patterns called for linings, but I picked up stitches and knitted a liner in every single hat.  They are so much nicer that way – thicker, sturdier and warmer.

I started this project in March and I spent every single spare minute I had knitting.  I finally sat down with my family this weekend to watch a TV show and, for the first time in months, I did not pick up my knitting basket to work on a project.  It felt weird but I’m also relieved.  When I started this project, I did not know if I would be able to finish.  But I did it with 4 weeks to spare!

Nine pairs of mittens

I knitted seven hats, eight pairs of mittens and one pair of socks.  As you can see, I’m not the biggest sock knitting fan.  But the pair that I knitted for my sister-in-law was amazing.  I loved them.

After I present everyone with their gifts at Christmas, I can finally tell them about this blog.  It’s been a secret, of course, to anyone in my family.

If you want to see details on any of the projects, just go to my Ravelry page – they are all posted there.


Radio Frequency Mittens Christmas FO

November 17, 2011

Almost there. I am seriously almost through with my Christmas knitting that I started in March.   I have made 17 projects for people in my family.  I just need to put a couple of linings in hats that I have completed and I’m done.  I’m going to make it for Christmas.  Whew!

This project is actually a second pair of mittens that I’m knitting for a friend of mine who loves purple. This pattern is by Mandy Powers – I love her designs.  I knitted her Radio Frequency hat for one of my nephews, and I love that. Check out her designs.  These mittens were fun to make and had just enough variety to keep you interested but the pattern was simple enough that you could knit and watch T.V.  Very important.

I knitted these up in super soft Frog Tree 100% Alpaca.  What a yummy yarn.  I did make a modification to the pattern.  For the beginning purl braid, I did a two-color cast on as a set up row for the braid.  I think that’s very importnat and made the braid nicer  – you don’t have the purl bumps that you would otherwise and I think the braid shows up more distinctly.  And a two-color cast on is easy to do.  As always, I used Magic Loop to make these.

Pattern:  Radio Frequency Mittens
Needles:  #3 US Addi Lace Turbo Circular
Yarn:  Frog Tree 100% Alpaca in Purple & Light Purple
Ravelry Page 

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