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Peu de Pluie Scarf

October 13, 2014

peu de pluie scarf

Often, I have two knitting projects going at the same time – one that’s so simple I don’t have to really follow a chart and can do it while I’m watching TV and one that’s complicated and requires attention.  This pattern is one of those that requires your full attention.  It’s lace knitting and a whole lot of fun, actually.  I loved this pattern and the design and it was thoroughly enjoyable to knit (although I had to start it three times because of mistakes before I got really going with it).  It’s knitted in two halves and then grafted together. Second half went much smoother.



Although I loved doing this pattern, I’m was not super happy with the outcome of this scarf for two reasons – no matter how much I blocked this scarf, the sides keep curling.  Badly.  If you look at the opening photo in this post, you can really see it. It really takes away from the finished look, because I don’t really care for skinny scarves.  I blocked this baby twice and even steam blocked it with an iron, but the curling stayed despite the fact that the designer put purls on the edging to counteract the curl.  So I’m not sure if it was just me or what.

tosh color changes

Also, I have used Madelinetosh yarn for lots of projects. I realize it is a hand dyed yarn, where there will be slight differences in the skeins. And Moorland is one of my favorite colorways and I have used it before for my awesome Stockholm Scarf and my Guernsey Wrap. However, this time the difference in the skeins was amazing – you can see it in the photo above.  The yarn was all purchased at the same time. I was really disappointed with this.  It just has never happened before. Oh, well.  I guess when it’s all wrapped around your neck you won’t really notice it too much.  The Tosh is still super soft and squishy. I love it.

IMG_6660 IMG_6649 IMG_7032

Pattern: Peu de Pluie Scarf
Needles: US 6 Addi Lace Circular
Yarn: Madelintosh Tosh Sport in Moorland
Ravelry Page


Finding the Time to Knit

January 5, 2014


I’ve knit for 24 years now and in that time, I’ve been a very busy person.  I’ve raised three children, worked full time, worked part time, and then finally stayed at home and now I write a food blog. But in all that time, I’ve always found time to knit. Always.  And when people see my knitting projects, the one remark they always make is, “Gee, I wish I had time to knit”.  But they do.  They just don’t know it.


Here is a photo of me 23 years ago with my second child, Nick, the day I am leaving the hospital.  Note the item on the bed as I am waiting to go home.  My knitting bag.  Yes, I knit in the hospital after having him.  I always take my knitting bag with me if I think I might get the chance to get in a few rows.  That is how you get a project done.  It may take a while, but you get it done.

I think the biggest problem with people thinking that they don’t have time to knit is that they think they have to have an actual block of time to just sit down and knit. Well, I can tell you that I almost never do that.  I knit when I’m watching TV or a movie, when I’m riding in the car, when I’m on a plane or maybe when I’m sitting and chatting with someone. I almost never sit down and just knit.  I might listen to an audiobook as I knit or talk on the phone. I take my knitting sometimes if I know I’m going to be waiting in the doctor’s office.  If you watch TV in the evening and knit for just 20 minutes every night while you watch, you will get something done.


I usually have two projects going at the same time – one that maybe is a little more complicated, that requires me to follow a chart and so demands that I have to focus a little and a second project that is just “idiot” knitting and doesn’t require that I follow a pattern.  Then I can decide which one I can work on in any situation.


I hope for 2014 you will be inspired and start a project with the commitment that you are going to pick it up whenever you can.  I have my knitting sitting in a basket on the sofa so that it’s very accessible.  I have a knitting bag that I can just throw it into and take it with me if I need to.

Also, if you haven’t joined Ravelry yet, do so right away.  It’s a community of knitters worldwide who share projects, thoughts and tips about knitting.  It’s a constant source of inspiration for me and might be for you, too.  Reading good knitting blogs like Yarn Harlot and Little Cotton Rabbits helps, too.

Now go forth and knit!


Knit Stars

November 23, 2012

I’m knitting these cute stars for Christmas and they are so much fun.  They are a free downloadable pattern from Webs.  I can see making these in all kinds of colors. The pattern calls for sport weight yarn, but I knitted them in worsted.  It doesn’t really matter for these – it just depends on how big you want them.

These stars use a really interesting construction.  You cast on 5 stitches and join in the round. You increase stitches as you go around and then start knitting the points by using turns and decreasing stitches.  After a few stars, I had the pattern memorized.

the ends are used as stuffing, so no weaving in!

One thing I liked about knitting these was there was no ends to weave in!  I hate weaving in ends.  You use the ends as stuffing.  So if you want the stars to be plumper, leave longer ends.

sewing the two halves together is so easy

I knit these using Magic Loop, which made it so easy.   No DPN tips to mess around with.  These were pretty fast to knit, also – one star from start to finish takes about an hour and a half.

I gave the stars a little soak after I knit them and laid them flat on a towel to block. Then I sewed the two halves together, stuffing the ends in as I went.  I crocheted a little loop at the top so I could hang them.

Wouldn’t these be cute in pinks and reds for Valentine’s Day?  I could even see knitting a bunch of them in a room’s colors and throwing them in a big bowl on a coffee table.  So many possibilities.

Pattern:  Knit Stars
needles:  US #6 circular
yarn:   Worsted Wool
Ravelry Page


Granny Stripes Blanket

September 14, 2012

Finally.  Finished.  I’ve been working on this so long. Since it didn’t require a pattern, it was my mindless knitting that I could do in the dark practically while we watch TV.  But since we don’t watch a lot of TV, it took forever!

This blanket was inspired by granny stripe blankets I saw on Ravelry.  The fun thing, too, about looking at all those blankets was all the different color combinations people used.   There are 2,286 Granny Stripes blankets on Ravelry.  You could look at them forever.  I love it!

I chose colors that would go in our bedroom.  We needed some kind of throw/blanket back there to use if someone wanted to take a nap.  I decided to use Cascade 220 Superwash Wool so I could throw it in the washer.  They also have a ton of colors in that line and I did not have a hard time selecting a few colors to perfectly match our bedspread.

I used four shades of brown and a shade of pale yellow/cream.  I decided to do a series of stripes by doing 2 stripes and then the cream, three stripes and then the cream, four stripes and then the cream, five stripes and then the cream and then reversing it.

I don’t like weaving in all those ends, though!

I crocheted until I felt the blanket was just big enough because I figure it would grow after I washed it and sure enough, it did.  It really expanded, so I have a nice big throw now.  The Cascade Superwash washes up really nicely.  I threw it in the dryer on low and came out great.

Pattern: Granny Stripes Blanket
Yarn:  Cascade 220 Superwash
Crochet Hook: #H (5.0 mm)
Ravelry Page

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