Pea Pod Baby Sweater and Hat

April 4, 2011

I just found out a short time ago that a food blogger I know, Maria, who writes “Two Peas and Their Pod” is having her first baby.  I knew I would get to visit her in Utah on spring break, so how could I resist knitting her a little baby gift?  No way!  I love this cute little baby sweater from the Knitter’s Book of Yarn and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make it.


I sewed a little hat to match from this pattern on Ravelry.  I’ve made it before in different colors and I thought in greens it would look adorable and keeping with the “pea pod” theme:


I knit the sweater in a “pea green” color – how appropriate – and it’s good because it’s gender neutral.  I used Berroco Vintage, which is a great blend that is machine washable and very soft.


I sewed a little label into the sweater.  I got these cute little labels at this Etsy shop.

There is errata for this pattern, which I didn’t learn about until after I had knit for a while.  For the smallest size, you need to cast on 36 stitches instead of 38.  It didn’t seem to make much difference for me – I just took in the back seams a little when I assembled the sweater.


Pattern: Baby Soft Cardigan
Pattern for Hat: Berry Baby Hat
Needle for Sweater: US#9
Needles for Hat: US#8
Yarn: Berroco Vintage Fennel & Douglas Fir
Ravelry Pages: Sweater, Hat




  1. THANK YOU! We absolutely LOVE our little pea pod outfit. It is perfect for our little one. Thank you for taking the time to make this precious outfit for our baby. You are very talented. Thanks again! Hugs and love!

  2. What a gorgeous set!! a fantastic gift to welcome your friend’s baby, for sure.

  3. elaine – you are so highly creative! you have so many gifts and I love witnessing all of the them! x

  4. Elaine your creativity and abilities are amazing! Is there no end? I have admired your knitting projects over the winter. Congratulations.

  5. Elaine you are amazing. I am expecting my first grandchild in May.
    Do you know of anyone that does knitting for others? I am not talented when it comes to the wonderful world of knitting. I would like to order some items, if you know of anyone would you let me know? Thank you, Kathy


    • Kathy: If I were you, I would contact a couple of local yarn stores and tell them that you are looking for someone to knit some things. I would bet that they would know of a few people. Also, you can try Etsy – there are many people there that knits things for reasonable prices. Good luck!

  6. I’ve been following your food blog and just saw you had this one. I love your knits! i love cooking and knitting also. This outfit is adorable. I have a new grandchild coming–something like this would be perfect for my new little peapod.

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog. this sweater is darling. I have also purchased some “Hand knit by…” labels from Etsy…and my question is…”Have you found a good way to attach the labels to your items?”

    • Patricia: I carefully hand sew each label on the item. I just do a little running stitch about 1/8″ inside the label, all around the perimeter. I think that looks the best.

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