Pink Flocked Mittens

June 2, 2011

I’m continuing on with my Christmas knitting, and I’m not slowing down for summer!  I’ve just finished these lovely things – lined mittens for one of my sisters-in-law.  These are Adrian Bizilia’s “Flocked Mittens” and they are a lot of fun to knit.

I lined them with super thick Brushed Suri in a cotton candy pink color – they make the mitten so warm.  I knitted these using Magic Loop and because the pattern calls for a worsted weight, they knit up fairly quickly.  A welcome change after knitting with so much fingering weight yarn for a while there.

The pattern calls for a braided edge, which I love, but in the pattern it was done in one color.  I changed it to two colors, which I think is more striking.  If you do that, be sure to make the previous row a k1 MC, k1 CC instead of just one color, so the first row of the braided edge is correct.

They also have a picot edge which is a nice detail.

These mittens should be knit in a light color and a dark color, for strong contrast.  If you don’t the pattern isn’t going to show up well.

Pattern:  Flocked Mittens
Needles: US #4 , circular, Addi Lace
Yarn for Mittens:  Berocco Ultra Alpaca in Pastel Pink and Duncan
Yarn for Lining:  Blue Sky Alpaca Brushed Suri in Pink Lemonade 
Ravelry Page 



  1. Wow! Gorgeous knitting!! As a new sock knitter, I’m in awe of the pretty Snowy Woods socks. I’ll be back for another visit soon!

  2. Oh, how pretty! They make me think of pink marshmallows and chocolate 🙂

  3. These are lovely; your sister-in-law is lucky.
    I am impressed by your dedication to Christmas knitting throughout the year.

  4. So pretty!! I love the picot trim at the cuff, what a beautiful touch.

  5. Your mittens are beautiful, I saw them on Ravelry and had to come and see your blog.

  6. This is beautiful! I should do like you and start knitting the Christmas gifts!

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