Slouchy Mitts

January 22, 2012

I saw some mitts earlier this year in the Sundance catalog and clipped them out.  I thought, “gee, I could really make those so easily”.  The only thing I feared was the stripes – I have a loathing of weaving in ends. That’s why I don’t knit stripey things – I do mostly two color stranded work. And since I am knitting my Granny Stripes Blanket at the same time, I have really put myself to the test.  That blanket has some serious ends to weave in.

Sundance Catalog Mitts

I probably didn’t even need a pattern but thought I would look on Ravelry to see if there was anything similar.  Sure enough, there was – “The Ultimate Fingerless Mitts” by Erica Lueder.  I used the pattern as a guide and kind of did my own thing with it.

I looked through my fingering weight stash and came up with some similar colors, mostly in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine. I liked the greens because I thought they would go with my Stockholm Scarf.

First of all, the pattern calls for casting on 60 stitches.  I did that but it soon became apparent that was going to be a little too big, so I decreased right down to 50 stitches.  This is what I cast on for the second mitten and it was just right.  Of course, I knit them using Magic Loop instead of DPNs.  Those days are over.

Also, the mittens in the catalog used 1×1 ribbing for the entire length of the forearm.  I debated about doing that and decided to just do pure stockinette stitch.  I would still be interested in knitting a pair and using the ribbing and see if I liked that any better.

I really like these mittens.  I like the rolled stockinette ends a lot.  Since they are knit in a fingering weight and without any stranded colorwork, they are a light mitten and will be for milder weather.

Pattern:  The Ultimate Fingerless Mitts
Needle:  #2 Addi Lace 32″ Circular
Yarn:  Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in Black, Pea Soup, Salt & Pepper, Peat Mix
and Yarn Hollow Bitty in Jade
Ravelry Page 



  1. I love your stripy green mitts, they look wonderfully warm. great shades of green, too.

  2. These look such fun! I used to knit when I was younger but had to stop when my kids came along because I just had no time. Now I’m getting back into it and would love to make some gloves like these. I found a pattern which requires DP needles – I see you use a circular and say you’re not going back to DP – would I be better off using a circular do you think?
    Your colours look great too.
    Thanks for your blogs, just want you to know that you’re appreciated on the other side of the world (I’m British but live in Spain)

  3. Claire: You can use either DPNs or circular needle, using Magic Loop. I just prefer Magic Loop. It makes it easy to try on the gloves as you knit them, plus there are no needles to fall out, like when you use DPNs. It’s just a personal preference, but once I got the hang of Magic Loop, I never went back to DPNs! There are a lot of great Magic Loop videos out there to teach you.

    • Thanks, I’ll give it a go!

  4. Do you know of a similar looking crochet pattern? I love these, but don’t knit. Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    I really love your mittens. I was wondering if the pattern you used also explains how to attach the lining.
    I have looked at your other mittens, which I love too, and sometimes it looks like you have folded the start of the knitting to the inside and have attached the lining to the start. Did I observe that correctly?

    Kind regards,

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