Chinook Fingerless Gloves

October 1, 2012


Can you stand another Jared Flood pattern?  I can’t believe what a roll I’m on with his designs.  What can I say  –  I love this guy’s stuff. I’ve knitted a lot of fingerless mittens but I wanted to do gloves this time, with individual fingers, but without the tips so I can still use my phone.  So when I saw his Chinook gloves, I knew this was it.

I just did one modification to the pattern –  I did not rib the fingers.   I just don’t like that K1, P1 rib for the fingers, so I did a plain stockinette stitch and knit them until I liked the length.  I did them a bit long because really, all you need is the very tip of your fingers to stick out to use your phone.  The next pair I knit may even have full pinky fingers.  I don’t care for the K1 P1 ribbing on the cuff and I may do a K2P2 ribbing on the next pair, like I did with these.

Also, I put the live stitches on stitch holders for the second glove because picking them up from waste yarn was too hard. The stitch holders were easier.  I also knit the entire glove using Magic Loop, which I love and allows me to try on the glove as I go, which you cannot do with DPNs.  I even did the individual fingers with Magic Loop – so much easier than trying to manipulate DPNs around a little finger. Using Addi Lace Turbo needles makes working with the fingering weight yarn super easy.

I did a little stash busting by using Dale of Norway Baby Ull, although it is not one of my favorite yarns. There is just something about that yarn that I don’t like – it doesn’t have enough structure or something.  I’m not buying any more of it, for sure.

As soon as I got finished with these gloves, although they were intended for me, my 16-year-old son wanted them.  What could I say – I love anyone appreciating my knitting, so off he went with them.  I would still like a pair so you’re going to see another set up here in the near future.  I’m trying to get some Quince Chickadee for my pair, but they are still having production problems.  It is a yarn so worth waiting for, though.  I love all the Quince yarns.

Pattern:  Chinook Fingerless Gloves
Needles:  US#0 and US#2 circular Addi Lace Turbos
Yarn: Baby Ull in black, white and charcoal
Ravelry Page



  1. Great pictures … I also like Jared Flood’s designs. I knit a couple of pairs of fingerless (no fingers at all) where I curved the glove to match the curved line of the middle set of knuckle joints.

  2. I love that your son wanted them. I am knitting a scarf in the hope that my 17 year old Sony take a fancy to it.

    My 18 year old daughter does ‘do’ hand knitted!!

  3. Very nice, I’m not surprised your son nicked them! Useful too. What type of cast off did you use? It looks so neat and tidy.
    I’ve only ever done fingerless, but I’d love to try these.
    I did JF’s Guernsey wrap and I’m thrilled with it; wore it last night for the first time as it’s getting quite chilly here in Spain. I used Blacker’s yarn, a UK firm, don’t know if you know them but they have some gorgeous yarns.

  4. Oh my gosh! Those are amazing! I don’t knit but I am dying to learn as I have loved these and all those that you shared with us last year! How blessed your family is to have you knitting such wonderful gifts for them!

  5. Great gloves and you did a beautiful job on them!

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous! I don’t blame your son for taking them at all. He has great taste.

    I’m just learning how to knit, so I might seem a little silly in saying it, but I’m in love with your work in progress pic. It’s really neat to see all the stitches and colors and how they combine in order to create a beautiful pattern.

  7. I’m a relative beginner knitter and never would have thought to substitute circular needles to make the fingers. I’m pretty excited!

  8. These are beautiful! I bought the pattern and really want to make them, having never made gloves before I read the pattern first the ‘we are now working the thumb gusset’ just didn’t leave any clear instructions… is there anywhere online where this is described in detail? Thank you for your help!

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