Kirkwood Scarf WIP

December 6, 2015

kirkwood wip closeup

I am knitting.   I have a lot going on, that’s for sure, with the holidays, December birthdays, the food blog and this new project.  But I am sneaking in some knitting, of course. So I just wanted to give you a little peak of my WIP.  It’s called Kirkwood and it’s by Julie Hoover for  Brooklyn Tweed.  I love Jared Flood, who started Brooklyn Tweed and I’ve been following him forever, before he got really well known, when he was writing this tiny little blog about his knitting life in NYC (if you have time, it’s fun to go back through his archives). And then I received a thank you gift from my son’s lovely and thoughtful girlfriend and guess what it was?  A Brooklyn Tweed pattern with five skeins of Shelter!  Squeeeee! And she purchased it from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, no less, on Bainbridge! Makes it even more special.

Hope you’re making something!



  1. I just absolutely LOVE this blog. I LOVE everything you do and I could spend HOURS looking at your photos. I too knit/crochet, sew and have done 3 lap/childrens quilts, so nothing large so far. Oh and I love to cook too. 🙂 So your blog satiates all my loves, creatively speaking of course. When I saw the latest quilt using linens and the Zen Chic fabric, my mouth was watering LOL. Something about it makes me feel so good that I want to make it for myself. You see everything so far has been for my grandchildren. So, my local quilt fabric store is having their annual January Sale so I wanted to collect the fabrics for this quilt. So if you don’t mind my asking: How much should I purchase of each of the linen fabrics… I can figure out the backing. Just a rough idea is all I need but I don’t want to purchase too much so close to the Christmas spending 😉 Thanks in advance and happy blogging.

    • Annie: Thank you for such kind words about my blogs! I don’t use patterns when I quilt but sometimes I keep pretty detailed notes about how much fabric I’m using. Unfortunately, on the Essex Linen quilt, I did not. The only details I can give you is that the hourglass blocks I made were 5.5 inches (before sewing together) and I made 60 hourglass blocks and then did 60 plain blocks for in between. The finished quilt was 50 x 60. Sorry – this probably doesn’t help much!

      • Thanks for the info. I’m sure I can figure it out with what you provided. 🙂

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