Capella Shawl WIP Sneak Peak

September 13, 2016



Currently enjoying knitting this wonderful pattern and will post final photos when it’s finished!



  1. peut-on recevoir les patrons en français

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  3. Love the texture!

  4. I just love your emails and am inspired by the knitting you do. I have an unrelated question for you, though. I bought the yarn for the 80-20 scarf you posted a while back. Can you advise whether that scarf would work for a man? I am not sure from the photos. It may be too light…any advice you give would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks again for the terrific site you have.

    • Bernice: Not sure which scarf you are talking about? Could you specify – 80/20 scarf doesn’t ring a bell with me. Sorry!

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