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Duplicate Stitch

March 31, 2011

Sometimes if I want to add a little color to my knitting, but I don’t want to introduce a new yarn just for a few stitches, I will use duplicate stitch when the knitting is finished to add the color.  It’s easy and quick and your little bits of color actually show up better, I think, than when they are knitted in.  I’m using this technique on the Andalus Mittens that I am knitting right now.

Thread a tapestry needle with the color you wish to introduce.

Step #1: Insert your needle from the wrong side of the work into the bottom of the “V” of the stitch you want to color:


Thread tapestry needle through the middle of the stitches of the stitch above the stitch you want to color:


Bring needle through:


Insert tip back down into the bottom of the “V” of your designated stitch and then bring it up at the bottom of the “V” in the next stitch you want to color:



Finished Duplicate Stitch:


Knowing this technique allows you to add any little bits of color on your knitting anywhere  you want!  In a future post, I’ll show you how to correct color mistakes using duplicate stitch.

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